These photos were taken on an outdated low definition phone camera. The autofocus delay is frustrating but the quality of the lens more than makes up for any drawbacks.

In keeping with the concept of less is more and working with the limitations of the equipment in mind, it is important that these images of building site peepholes are not photoshopped, cropped or in any way enhanced or manipulated.

The parameters determined by the technology I use, allows for expansion within these limitations.

There is a conscious crossover between my creative practice and my day job. I’m a van driver moving other peoples art around and I get a great overview of the changing face of London. Consequently I use the opportunity it offers to scout possible sites that interest me as I go about my work.

Part of the job entails figuring routes out in your head whilst driving from one place to another and my drawings are as much about a visual response to these mental connections as they are a link between locations I have taken photos at.

The photographs and now the drawings are an ongoing project I began working on in 2009.